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International Relocations

Orgin Services

The most important thing for you personally is the cost of the move. Before we actually give you a cost indication or estimate, we need to have all the necessary information about your move. The total household goods to be moved, the services you need from us, and off course the final destination.



Different types of packing materials for different types of moves. The choice of packing materials determines the quality of the packing, and Taurus Relocations uses only professional packing materials. Overseas shipments by air or ocean will be "export packed". Every piece of furniture will be wrapped in special paper blankets, and all boxes will be packed by our crew.



Once your household goods are packed, they must be transported to our warehouse or directly to the Air/Sea port for stuffing. Taurus Relocations will choose the best mode of transportation, depending on the final destination, the quantity of goods to be moved, the mode of shipment to your destination and your schedule.



Sometimes your household goods may need to be stored as part of your move because:

  • Your new residence is not quite ready

  • Some items will not be needed at the new location, but you want to keep them


Customs Clearance

Making sure your overseas shipment is not delayed due to wrong or incomplete customs documents is part of our mission at Taurus Relocations. All our working processes are designed, from the initial contact onwards, to make sure we collect and supply all the required information and paperwork in time in order to make sure your personal belongings are shipped and delivered as needed.



Making sure your valuable belongings are properly insured is always wise. Our experience tells us that when things do go wrong, even when no one is at fault (such as an act of God and nature), there are many good reasons to have additional coverage in order to protect your interests and to be fully reimbursed.


Destination Services

Your Taurus Relocations move coordinator or our local agent at your destination will contact you as soon as your goods have arrived at the final destination. They will discuss with you the delivery date and how to gain proper access to the new residence. Make sure that you have filled out all the requested paperwork in your origin country so there will be no hold up from clearing customs.